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July 2015 closed with a bang this year, as Robin helped her favorite charity win a $10,000 prize in Bleed for a Cause, sponsored by Hoxworth Blood Center.

Hoxworth Awards

Months of planning, plus weeks of hard work by Robin and Slice of Stainless employees, went into the win. The prize was awarded to Adore-a-Bull Rescue, the pit bull rescue organization.

Nonprofits competed to recruit as many blood donors as they could during July. Points were earned based on the number of new and repeat donors recruited, plus the type of donation (whole blood, red cell, plasma and platelets).

Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati, partnered with sponsors Montgomery Inn and Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America to host their Third Annual Bleed for a Cause. The 2015 campaign was open to charitable nonprofit organizations.
The top three organizations with the highest scores won a monetary prize for their charity.  In addition to the first place $10,000 prize, a second place prize of $5,000 and third place prize of $2,500 were awarded.

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