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Ariel 2 cropSmall
Robin has a new foster: “Ariel” is approximately one year old. She is a sweet, loving girl who wasn’t taught basic etiquette, so we’re working on no jumping and no teething on her humans.

She has a wonky leg. Although it adds character, there were concerns for her long term health. Veterinarians examined her and couldn’t determine if it was an issue at birth or an untreated fracture. They want to be sure it will not be painful as she gets older, so the decision was made to have surgery.

In the days leading up to her surgery, Ariel spent time at our office. She took a special liking to Smith, who will be providing moral support as shown in their photo together.

Ariel Blue Cast IMG_0242SmallAriel underwent surgery on February 5th. She returned home with a bright blue cast. We’ll keep you posted on her progress!

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