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Update on Cali

We got a snapshot of Cali at her second foster home. Her coat is filling in nicely and she has gained weight on a proper diet and lots of love. (July 19)

Cali is a lucky girl. She was dropped off at a shelter in terrible condition, but thankfully, Adore-A-Bull-Rescue was called.  They contacted Robin who made an emergency pickup last Friday.   We hate to post the “before” picture, but it’s part of the rescue mission to consider “what if” a Foster Parent hadn’t intervened in this dog’s life.  IMG_3390scabs
This puppy is blessed with a sweet temperament, so she’s a good candidate for permanent adoption once she’s fully healthy. Her skin sores are already much improved, and she a has blonde peach-fuzz coat that should fill in nicely. When she visits our office at Slice, she spends much of the day cuddling with Smith. We managed to capture a quick photo when she planted a thankful kiss on Robin after the drive to work!


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