Community outreach

Hurricane Harvey donations

Kerry Speer

We are donating 10% of money we earned through our website sales for the week of Sept. 10 – 16 to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in the Gulf Coast.  The money will go to – an organization that has been highly effective in delivering relief and support to victims of such tragedies.

Thank you to all of our website customers for helping us make a contribution to the recovery efforts in the Gulf Coast area.

We are also making the same commitment to help victims of Hurricane Irma.  We will be donating a portion of our website sales during the last week of September to the relief efforts for victims of that storm.

Goering Center awards

Semi-Finalist for the Goering Center Family Business Awards 2017

Kerry Speer

Slice is a Semi-Finalist for the 2017 Goering Center for Family & Private Business Awards.

Three awards will be presented in each of two divisions: Family Business Division and Private Business Division. Slice of Stainless was nominated in the Family Business Division.

Earlier this year, Brandon Tackett, our Vice President of Operations, was chosen as April’s Goering Center Rising Leader. This makes him a Semi-Finalist for Rising Leader of the Year.

Winners will be announced on Sept. 12, 2017. The Goering Center seeks to nurture and educate family and private businesses.  They offer programming to foster collaboration among Tri-State business leaders and expose members to experts and new techniques.Goering Center 2017 Awards

Robin Tackett and Slice of Stainless support Bleed for a Cause

Bleed for a Cause is back

Kerry Speer
Roll up your sleeves, it’s time to donate blood!

The fourth annual Bleed for a Cause has begun. Now through August 13, Hoxworth Blood Center will track donations for participating charities, and the top non-profits could win up to $20,000. Robin is leading the charge on behalf of Adore-A-Bull Rescue (AABR), the pit bull rescue group. AABR has won the top prize each of the past two years.

Nonprofits will compete to recruit as many blood donors as possible to earn weekly prizes of $2,500 and a grand prize of $10,000 using a point system. Points are earned based on the number of new and repeat donors recruited, plus the type of donation (whole blood, red cell, plasma and platelets.)

Sponsors for the event are Montgomery Inn and Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America. Anyone can donate at one of eight Hoxworth Blood Centers in the Cincinnati area and designate Adore-A-Bull Rescue on their donor form.

My Furry Valentine 2016

Looking for a best friend? Join us at the fifth annual My Furry Valentine Adoption Event February 13 & 14. Rescue groups from around the tri-state area (Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana) will feature more than 700 animals available for adoption. Robin has worked this event for years and serves on the board.

poster-8.5x111Smith and Robin

 In fact, it was at the event in 2014 where she adopted her bully boy Smith.  My Furry Valentine website


Adore-a-Bull Rescue wins 2015 Bleed for a Cause

Kerry Speer

July 2015 closed with a bang this year, as Robin helped her favorite charity win a $10,000 prize in Bleed for a Cause, sponsored by Hoxworth Blood Center.

Hoxworth Awards

Months of planning, plus weeks of hard work by Robin and Slice of Stainless employees, went into the win. The prize was awarded to Adore-a-Bull Rescue, the pit bull rescue organization.

Nonprofits competed to recruit as many blood donors as they could during July. Points were earned based on the number of new and repeat donors recruited, plus the type of donation (whole blood, red cell, plasma and platelets).

Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati, partnered with sponsors Montgomery Inn and Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America to host their Third Annual Bleed for a Cause. The 2015 campaign was open to charitable nonprofit organizations.
The top three organizations with the highest scores won a monetary prize for their charity.  In addition to the first place $10,000 prize, a second place prize of $5,000 and third place prize of $2,500 were awarded.

Furry Valentines

Furry Valentines find Homes with Robin’s Help

Kerry Speer

The fourth-annual My Furry Valentine adoption event is just a couple weeks away, and more than 550 animals — including dogs, cats and other furry friends — are in need of a home.

It’s a way for individuals to collectively come together to help mitigate the Tristate’s euthanasia rates by advocating for adoption as the preferred choice when searching for a pet.

For individuals like MFV board member Robin Tackett, the event is a reminder of the love a new addition to the family can provide. She volunteered with MFV for its inaugural event in 2011 and was introduced to Adore-A-Bull Rescue.

“They had the sweetest girl, April, that I fell in love with and started following her story on Facebook,” Tackett says. “By September of that year, I was fostering for AABR.”

According to Tackett, more than 1 million pit bulls die in shelters every year, and only 1-in-600 pit bulls find a home to call one’s own.

“Those statistics are staggering,” Tackett says. “It’s heartbreaking when a rescue goes into a shelter knowing they have three foster homes available and can only pull three dogs. You know the fate of the other 20-30 in the shelter.”

Tackett wants to “see an end to those needless deaths,” she says, so she’s doing her part to help. She’s regularly fostered dogs, and last year she adopted Smith, a pit bull who was four months old when she met him and who weighed only 3.6 pounds.

He, along with the other pups in his litter, was flea- and worm-infested and diagnosed by veterinarians at UCAN with a low body temperature, ocular discharge, enlarged lymph nodes and an upper respiratory infection.

Tackett says she was in tears.

“I had three puppies at my house that we had just pulled from another case, and no one else was open to take these six and I had to convince AABR that we had to take this case, even though it was out of our normal guidelines,” she says. “After many phone calls and getting the pups from UCAN to the hospital, we were able to find three homes to take the three puppies I had, and I took these six home to nurse them back to health.”

MFV was quickly approaching, and the six puppies were all healthy enough to attend. Still, Tackett says, Smith was meant to be hers.

“He was the runt of the litter and so sick that the vets didn’t think he was going to live,” Tackett says. “He had a special place in my heart, and I knew I could not let anyone walk out my door with him in their arms. He is the love of my life.”

Do Good:

•    To honor Smith and encourage others to spay or neuter their pit bulls, the Smith fund at UCAN was established. Call UCAN and mention this flyer for a free spay or neuter procedure for your pit bull.

•    Support My Furry Valentine, and encourage friends to adopt.