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Ribbon cutting for expansion and 25th anniversary

Kerry Speer

Slice of Stainless celebrated the completion of their major building expansion and marked the 25th anniversary of their founding in a ceremony held May 12, 2017. Local officials, customers and suppliers were on hand for the celebration.

The recently completed expansion nearly doubled the size of the Cincinnati facility to 55,000 square feet.  The expansion has allowed Slice of Stainless to increase warehouse capacity, add shearing equipment and improve material handling systems.

The celebration also marked the company’s 25th anniversary of their founding in 1992. Robin Tackett and her late partner Todd Reed started the business from their home, supplying small quantities of specialty stainless steel sheet. Today the business has grown to a 15-person company with over $1.5 million in inventory.

The expansion includes a redesigned freight entrance with more loading docks. The company has added more shears and another crane to move material.

Slice of Stainless carries 19 grades of stainless and nickel sheets from 0.012-inch to 0.25-inch thick. They still offer material cut to size, but also supply other distributors with full sheets.

Pictured in the photo, left to right:

Clermont County Chamber of Commerce President Matt Van Sant; Clermont County Commissioner David Painter; Slice of Stainless President, Robin Tackett; Slice of Stainless Vice President, Brandon Tackett; Union Township Trustee John McGraw; Clermont County Sherriff Steve Leahy; and Dr. Greg Sojka, University of Cincinnati Clermont College.

aerospace grade stainless sheet

Expansion progresses

Kerry Speer

We ended 2016 with two more months of progress on the warehouse expansion.  Haven’t checked out the We’re Growing! page yet?  You are behind the times! Do you love mud and earth moving? Construction and hard hats?  Did you grow up with an Erector set?

Don’t miss out on the November and December progress updates. (if you missed October, that is just sad. Really sad. But just like binge-watching a favorite TV show on cable, you can catch up!)  The next time you’re getting pricing on the website, hover on over to our “About” tab and click on We’re Growing!

You’ll be able to learn fun facts, such as: How can workers safely install roofing when they’re 27 feet above ground on a 12″ beam?  How big is the average skating rink (and why do we want you to know?) How is it that shipments haven’t been delayed when our entire shipping office was dismantled? (hint: same great shipping personnel are here)

All of the work going into the expansion has one purpose, and that is you! We want to continue to provide you with the great stainless steel and nickel sheet products you expect from us.  We’re Growing! but we also want to keep true to our “same day shipping” roots with incredibly fast turnaround. (Five more loading docks should help.) Check it out.

Stainless sheet and plate at Slice of Stainless

12 Days of Christmas Contest: 12 days to win $200!

Kerry Speer

Win a $200 gift card from Slice of Stainless during our 12 Days of Christmas!

You could win your own $200 gift card, just by placing an online order Dec. 7th to 22nd. Every business day we’ll be putting all the web orders in a hat and selecting one winner for the day.  That means 12 different days to win! And every web order is your chance at $200 from Slice of Stainless.

Which gift card will you choose: Visa or Amazon? Spa Finder? Maybe Petco or Best Buy? Each card will be worth $200!

Whether you need stainless or nickel sheet, order it online and you’ll automatically be entered in the drawing for the day. But hurry, we’re only offering the $200 gift cards for the 12 business days from Dec. 7 to 22nd. Please note that online pricing applies to these online orders.

Happy Holidays from Slice of Stainless!

new driveway to receiving area for specialty stainless and nickel

October: Construction progresses for our expansion

Kerry Speer

You can see the construction progress for the month of October on the We’re Growing! page of our website. We’ve added more photos and updates. The new freight entrance drive and loading bay are complete. We’ll soon be closing all of our older bays because the new expansion will cover that area.

New footers and drainage plans mark the future footprint for our expanded building. Take a look at We’re Growing!

Slice featured in Modern Metals

Kerry Speer
“No Minimums” is the headline on the Modern Metals July article about Slice.

Modern Metals did a complete write-up on Slice of Stainless in their July issue.  Author Corinna Petry interviewed our Sales Manager Jim Schneible. They talked about Slice’s early days, and the growth experienced since our founding in 1992. The article covers our product line and shearing capabilities, and our planned 20,000-square-foot warehouse expansion (with the addition of two more shears).

Also included is an interview with long-time customer Harold Gatts of B.C. Metals Inc. in Batavia, Ohio. B.C. Metals sells test parts to the aircraft industry. Mr. Gatts had some nice things to say about our service.

Other topics touched on included Slice of Stainless’ inventory system, shipping & logistics, and quality control.

Read the complete article

ads feature Robin Tackett and Slice of Stainless

WesBanco Ads feature Robin and Slice

Kerry Speer

Do you love your banker?  We do! So Robin was happy to be included in new testimonial ads for WesBanco.

Same Philosophy

We always strive for great customer service, so we appreciate being on the receiving end as well!  WesBanco is a good fit for us, as their “personal touch” message communicates in the ads.

Where will they appear?

You might see Robin’s face on a billboard, or in Business Week, Fortune or Forbes where the print ads will run. Digital banners will run in e-newsletters such as Crain’s. The campaign will have similar testimonials from Homer Laughlin, Muriale’s Restaurant, Weirton Medical Center and Kalkreuth Roofing.

Thank you WesBanco, for so many years of good advice and personal service. Exactly what we try to provide for our customers!


Allegheny steel lockout may end

ATI lockout: Daylight on the Horizon?

Kerry Speer

A major supplier of stainless steel may be back up to full speed soon. What does this mean for you? We think it’s good news. We’ve been monitoring the change in the market, due to the fact that we deal almost exclusively in domestic material from here in the United States.

Allegheny Technologies Inc. (ATI) is a major supplier of specialty steel, so when their production is affected, everyone’s bound to feel a pinch. Now after six months of disagreement, ATI and United Steelworkers have reached a tentative agreement on the Allegheny steel lockout.

There are always two (or more) sides to an argument, so we’re not taking sides… we’re just happy to hear there may be an end in sight. Although ATI has issued statements that production was not affected during the lockout (due to using non-union workers), we did experience some change.

Our president, Robin Tackett, noticed the change whether she was talking directly with our mill suppliers or large metal distributors. “It was a very real thing in the past months, that we were seeing a scarcity of certain grades,” she said recently. “Not only was production affected, but the very idea that production might not keep up with demand was often cited as people were quoting higher prices. Not knowing how long the negotiations were going to go on created a lot of uncertainty.”


Which grades of stainless saw the biggest impact?

With production affected by the lockout, there have been some shortages or price spikes. We’ve seen fluctuations in nickel grades and the PH (Precipitation Hardening) grades.

“ATI is the biggest and in some cases the only supplier with quality specifications that end users like GE and Pratt Whitney require,” said sales associate Trevor Cockayne. “So in some cases, you’re looking at additional testing on non-ATI material. For them (ATI) to be back at full speed will mean more stability in the market for certain nickel grades, and other grades where end users require certain quality specifications.”

New York Times reporter Steven Greenhouse wrote in December, 2015: “Since Aug. 15, Allegheny has locked out 2,200 workers at 12 plants in six states in what has become one of the nation’s largest and longest work stoppages in years.”

On February 22, United Steelworkers issued a statement that they had reached a tentative agreement with ATI on a new four-year contract. The approval process that follows will probably take several weeks as local unions ratify the contract and back-to-work agreements.

You can be sure that Slice of Stainless will be following the progress of the approval process. We’ll keep you posted!