Why a dog blog? Well, we’re just partial to animals, and dogs in particular. We talk about all sorts of things in our blog, but who could resist a title like Dog Blog? Many of you already ask which of our furry friends is in the office, so why not make it official?

Our unofficial mascot, Lola, was our first rescued friend. She still rules the roost when she’s in the office.  She lives with our president Robin, three dog siblings, and coaches foster dogs to get them ready for adoption.

LOLA was adopted from Friends of Noah Shelter, saved from a puppy mill.

We believe in serving our community, both as a company and individually. Listed below are some of the charities we sponsor and support.

♦ Hoxworth Blood Drive – Bone Marrow Registry ♦
♦ Needy Kids of Clermont County ♦
♦ Pancreatic Cancer Network ♦
♦ Boys & Girls Club of Clermont County ♦
♦ Leukemia & Lymphoma Society ♦
♦ United Coalition for Animals – Cincinnati ♦
♦ West Clermont Walk-a-thon ♦
♦ Matthew Ministries ♦
♦ American Red Cross ♦
♦ Adore-A-Bull Rescue ♦
♦ Bark Ark Bully Rescue ♦
♦ March of Dimes ♦
♦ Recycle Doggies ♦
♦ ProKids ♦