Why a dog blog? Well, we’re just partial to animals, and dogs in particular. This is a space to share our stories with you, both work and personal.

We have a comfortable office environment made even better because it’s a dog-friendly space.  Our founder, Robin Tackett, has been active in animal welfare charities and community service for over 20 years.

In 2014, Robin founded Smith’s Pit Stop, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free spay/neuter service for pit bulls in the greater Cincinnati area. Inspired by her own foster dog, Smith, Robin knows how misunderstood the breed can be. In overcrowded county shelters, up to 80% of the dog population is a pit bull mix.

You can find out more at Smith’s Pit Stop, and read the story of a dog who fostered a mission.

We believe in serving our community, both as a company and individually. Listed below are some of the charities we sponsor and support.

♦ Hoxworth Blood Drive – Bone Marrow Registry ♦
♦ Needy Kids of Clermont County ♦
♦ Pancreatic Cancer Network ♦
♦ Boys & Girls Club of Clermont County ♦
♦ Leukemia & Lymphoma Society ♦
♦ United Coalition for Animals – Cincinnati ♦
♦ West Clermont Walk-a-thon ♦
♦ Matthew Ministries ♦
♦ American Red Cross ♦
♦ Adore-A-Bull Rescue ♦
♦ My Furry Valentine ♦
♦ March of Dimes ♦
♦ Recycle Doggies ♦
♦ ProKids ♦