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John is one of our Senior Sales Representatives here at Slice. He has been with us for four years, and has worked in the steel industry for more than 14 years. With a father who worked in and retired from the steel business, the industry has been a part of his daily life since he can remember. John manages much of the daily email traffic with many of our largest customers. He has proven himself as knowledgeable and reliable to the customers he works with every day.

John’s hobbies include cooking on the grill or smoker, sports (Reds and Steelers particularly,) brewery evaluation, and working in the yard. He currently lives in Milford OH with his wife and two daughters – and a cat. Of all things to mention in a “Dog Blog,” John lives with a cat. Oh well, he’s still a valuable resource for us here at Slice!

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  • bfoster says:

    John is a great co-worker here at Slice. I will note though that he is only a part time Reds Fan – usually only when they are winning.

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