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We ended 2016 with two more months of progress on the warehouse expansion.  Haven’t checked out the We’re Growing! page yet?  You are behind the times! Do you love mud and earth moving? Construction and hard hats?  Did you grow up with an Erector set?

Don’t miss out on the November and December progress updates. (if you missed October, that is just sad. Really sad. But just like binge-watching a favorite TV show on cable, you can catch up!)  The next time you’re getting pricing on the website, hover on over to our “About” tab and click on We’re Growing!

You’ll be able to learn fun facts, such as: How can workers safely install roofing when they’re 27 feet above ground on a 12″ beam?  How big is the average skating rink (and why do we want you to know?) How is it that shipments haven’t been delayed when our entire shipping office was dismantled? (hint: same great shipping personnel are here)

All of the work going into the expansion has one purpose, and that is you! We want to continue to provide you with the great stainless steel and nickel sheet products you expect from us.  We’re Growing! but we also want to keep true to our “same day shipping” roots with incredibly fast turnaround. (Five more loading docks should help.) Check it out.

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